Club Clean Ball and Club Washing System

Club Clean is a unique patented product used by golfers around the world. Once you’ve played with Club Clean on your cart, you’ll never want to play a round of golf without it. Club Clean is the highest quality club and ball washer on the market.

Why would a golf course want ClubClean units on their carts?

To enhance the golfing experience.
It has been proven many times in the last 20 years that golfers enjoy playing golf with Club Clean than without. Very addicting once you have the convenience of playing golf with the unit, you don’t want to play without it. Could you go back to crank windows in your car?

To speed up play
No more stopping to clean the grooves of your club.

A clean club face creates more spin
The golfer no matter what level places a little better, which he associates with your facility. His towel stays clean.

Your female members will praise you
There’s never a ball washer on the Ladies tee. They complain don’t they? Make the ladies happy and you’ll be happy.

No more ball washers on the tee off areas:
If you put Club Clean on every cart, you don’t need ball washers on the tee off areas do you? They are costly, need to be maintained, after you’ve painted them 5 times they look terrible. Clean the Club Clean unit at the cart barn when the car is being rinsed down, simple and fast.

Your membership will think you care about them:
Only the best clubs (and the smart ones) want to impress their members as it’s good for business.

Members Clubs:
If you clean your members clubs after a messy round, they will be less messy with Club Clean on the fender.

Free Logos:
We can emblazon the side of each unit with your courses logo (or anything else you want). Start branding the club, your name will be synonymous with “let’s go play a round at…”

Here's What Our Customers Say! (click to expand)

L. Joe Stucky, D.C.:My new ClubClean is Installed. The last one was great and the new one is even better. The old one seved me for 10 years and was working fine. Hadn’t even reversed the brushes. Just kept it clean and always added a few drops of detergent. If you’d like to inspect it, I’ll send it along. Thanks again for a splendid product- and your excellent service!

Mississippi Customer:All club and ball washers are NOT the same. ClubCiean has one drain plug, which, when removed to drain your unit, cleans out both the club .md ball cleaning sides. The last one lasted me over 13 years. I once owned a PlayClean brand (another maker) and the club grip only fit halfway in its supposed grip cleaning area and weighed nearty 6 lbs. when filled. ClubCiean is the best. Don’t waste your time and money on another brand.

GarfGolf:Why someone would not have one of these on their can is beyond me. I’ve read reviews that said it was too expensive. Hogwash.
A great product that’ll last with the least amount of upkeep. Features, quality, easy to use, good value, durable.

AwesomeClub:This product is great, much faster then cleaning clubs with a sink, brush, and towel. I just scrub the club in here and then dry right after. Takes 20 seconds per club. great product. Convenient and efficient.

Mikeytbone:I highly recommend the Club Clean to all golf enthusiasts who want to keep their irons clean after each round. The Club Clean does a superb job on both irons and golf balls with very little effort. The Club Clean comes with several mounting methods. I had a very heavy tamper that I rarely use so I adapted one of the mounts now it serves as a mobile Club Clean station lhat I can move anywhere.

PoconoJoe:I owned this Club Clean brand club and ball washer for over 9 years. Yes, it’s going on it’s tenth year. The quality of this product is outstanding, I had another brand and the brushes inside wore out after one and a halfyearsofuse. l have bought4 of these Club Clean brand washers and gave them as Christmas presents and they love it.

Why use the Club Clean washing system?

Club Clean created the club and ball cleaner industry over 22 years ago and is the originator of the club and ball washer unit.

We stand behind our product with a lifetime warranty against defects to the case and lid. We can offer this guarantee because we use premium materials and maintain a rigorous quality control system.

Because of the durability of our merchandise, customers have been enjoying our products for years. ClubClean has a name recognized world-wide for dedication to product performance and customer satisfaction. ClubClean invests in constant innovation, new features and regular improvements.

ClubClean ball and club washing system is the perfect golf accessory. Club Clean is the only patented single fluid chamber club and ball cleaner in America. Club Clean provides better ball flight, cleaner grooves on your club, and better backspin.

Club Clean mounts on a golf cart, can be used at home, and can suction cup to almost any surface. Americas #1 golf club and golf ball cleaner has patented fluid communication. Durable bristles make Club Clean the best golf club washer and golf ball washer in America.

A: Our Competitor’s Double Drain System – B: Club Clean’s Single Drain System

For easy cleaning/draining of our Club Clean, remove the drain plug, insert the garden hose into the top of the club side, point the hose towards the ball side and allow to drain clean. It’s that Simple!

Ball retainer handle makes cleaning front chamber almost impossible in a 2 chamber club and ball washer design.

With a front and rear drain hole, the front hole sprays water on seat when trying to drain front chamber, as well as the possibility of leaking into battery compartment. Two drain holes means it takes twice as long to clean a fleet of golf cars. A double Chamber “Serves” no purpose other than to not violate single chamber patents.

Patented-single fluid chamber – fast proper drainage of water and dirt from both chambers. YES! no no no
One plug design – remove one plug and it drains the entire unit PROPERLY. T plug design keeps plug attached. YES! no no no
Longer lasting, higher quality polypropylene brushes instead of cheap nylon broom bristles. YES! no no no
Lifetime warranty on high grade textured polypropylene case and lid, designed to endure long term outdoor exposure. YES! no no no
Zytel-universal mounting bracket made of a nylon filled material stronger than steel! Lifetime warranty! YES! no no no
ClubClean features

Ours: The ClubClean Difference

 High grade polypropylene case and lid with a lifetime warranty.
 Black ABS life like ball retainer handle.
 Low profile design – no bandaged knuckles.
 Textured lid eliminates club scratching.
 Neoprene gasket material (also used for wetsuits, very durable).
 Patented flow through a single chamber, simple and quick draining.
 Custom made polypropylene brushes for better memory.

ClubClean features

Theirs: Compare and Contrast

 short 2 year warranty.
 ball retainer handle looks like a wiffleball.
 very slow draining, not good for a 100 car fleet.
 brushes are nylon, made in a broom factory.
 higher profile design which scratches easily.

For the Retailer: Each unit is packed in our attractive 4 color interactive window display box for excellent sell through. Each Retail Box also includes a pack of 3 commercial quality suction cups and a Zytel mounting bracket FREE, with a lifetime guarantee on the Zytel mounting bracket.

For the Cart Dealer or Upscale Showroom Cart Dealer: We offer your choice of our full color retail box or our industrial Kraft box.

You will receive a guaranteed exchange on colors you might not sell as well as others. Just contact us for a return authorization.

Club Clean Post Mounts (click here to expand)


  • Use On Driving Range, Practice Tee’s, at Clubhouse, etc.
  • No sloppy buckets with water at range or practice area.
  • ClubClean unitsecures easily to top mounting plate with screws.
  • Four (4) individual steel spikes drive easily into grround holding 12inch square base and post firmly in place.
  • Golfers praise the convenience of personal Club & Ball Cleaning at each tee-off area throughout the course.
  • ClubClean units should stand approximately 30 inches high on both permanent and moveable posts.
  • Black electrostatic paint prohibits rust and corrosion on 2 inch and 14 gauge steel posts