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We’ve been manufacturing high quality golf cart accessories for over 25+ years! Our products have been staples of the Golf industry for the past two decades! 

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Club Clean

It’s the product that started it all! Club Clean Units are available in premium and standard colors!

Club Clean Mats

Our Golf Cart Mats are 4mm thick, tough and lightweight no-slide mats. Made with natural rubber, Golf Cart Mats look great and protect your factory mats.

Floor Protector

Floor Protector, the versatile protective mat that guards against
battery acid, petrochemicals, most solvents and gasoline. Durable and

Cart Shine

Cart Shine is a light cream that cleans, polishes and protects all plastics, stainless steel, chrome, silver, and aluminum.

Buggie Bags

Buggie Bags are made of heavy duty double stitched nylon mesh and
carry almost anything. The top strap is extra strong nylon web for a
secure fit.

Spike Swipe

Spike Swipe, designed as an easy-to-use, handy shoe cleaner which keeps your cleats clear of dirt and grass. Keeps debris out of your cart.

Corrosion Shield

Corrosion Shield is an amazing new product to help prevent rust and corrosion on your golf car, atv, or any other motorized vehicle!

Closeout Products

We have Closeouts available! Our EOB Putting Training Aide and Executive Motorized Club and Ball Cleaner are ready for closeouts today!